Ryan’s Opportunity Agenda for Aurora

Aurora is on the precipice of major economic growth and development. In order to maximize our potential as a community, we must continue to support that growth strategically.

Government Building


While our community has been rated as one of the safest large cities in America we should always strive to be better. Our administration will support crime prevention programs and ensure our first responders are adequately supported, equipped, and trained. I make the honest pledge to work tirelessly to ensure our city remains safe for all residents.



From Buckley Air Force Base to the Gaylord Rockies Hotel to the Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora is blessed with an incredible job market. Every resident of our city who wants to work should be able to and we will focus our efforts to ensure no Aurora resident feels left behind. Job training programs that prepared and enabled Aurorans to get and move up in the workforce are a top priority.

University Cap


As a co-founder of Aurora’s award-winning school, High Point Academy, education holds a special place in my heart. We must address the achievement gap between Aurora Public Schools and the Cherry Creek School District by ensuring our educators are sufficiently compensated for the incredible service they provide our children. Partnering with our school districts and charter schools is essential to improving education across our city.



The demand for housing continues to outpace the current supply making it difficult for many residents to remain in the city they love. By working collaboratively with home builders, developers, land trusts, and other community stakeholders we can bring balance back to our housing market and make Aurora the best, most affordable place in the metro area to live, work, and play.



We must find solutions for the traffic related issues our city currently faces. Whether the solution is expanding roads or increased multi-modal transportation options, I promise to listen to each individual community to make an honest plan that will benefit us all. An all of the above transportation approach including roads, bridges, bike lanes, public transportation, as well as other alternative means of getting around town will be part of our plan.

Aurora's Opportunity Triangle

Aurora has three major areas of opportunity currently driving jobs and economic growth in the area. My mission is to continue building those areas and ensure the whole city of Aurora benefits from them.

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Aurora's Opportunity Triangle
The Emerging Aerotropolis Vision

With the recent addition of the Gaylord of the Rockies Convention Center, we are seeing tremendous commercial and residential development in this area, and we must take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

Buckley Air Force Base

Home to Buckley’s Space Wing, Air Wing, and the ADF, we must support our department of defense partners in their national security and national guard mission. Thousands of good jobs and billions of dollars in economic activity for Aurora. Members of our Armed Services stationed at Buckley should feel like Aurora is their "home"; because they are our "family".

Fitzsimons Campus Redevelopment

Anchored by 1st class medical facilities of the Rocky Mountain region, the Anschutz medical campus brings thousands of high paying jobs and revitalization for the area.